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Provan & Lorber Engineers Help Grocery Chain

Provan & Lorber Engineers Help Northern NH Grocery Chain Expand

Butson's Marketplace, based in Woodsville, New Hampshire and its parent company, Supervalu, are expanding and restyling their stores. Provan & Lorber Engineers and Planners in Littleton, New Hampshire have been guiding them through design, planning and permitting. The Lancaster store, currently being built by Hebert Construction, is scheduled to open June 6th. This $3,500,000 project includes a new 34,000 square foot market and converting the existing 18,200 square foot market into retail space.

The site presented its share of challenges, including wetlands and access constraints. Clever site design and construction phasing has allowed the existing market to remain open during construction. Wetland mitigation areas behind the store double as storm water detention ponds. These unique design features enabled Provan & Lorber to quickly obtain permits and approvals.

Butson's is planning improvements to other stores and the development of new stores throughout Northern New England.

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