Our 3-R principle serves as a guide to ensure each school project includes these basic ingredients of success.

PROVAN & LORBER, INC. seeks to build trust-based Relationships by providing Responsible engineering solutions that are Responsive to your needs.

  • Relationships: Provan & Lorber seeks to establish a relationship with each of our clients based on trust and obtained through open and frequent communication.
  • Responsible: Provan & Lorber provides cost-effective engineering solutions by following a project development methodology that encourages creative solutions.
  • Responsive: Provan & Lorber focuses on gaining an understanding of your specific needs to ensure our solution is responsive to them. We approach each project with an acute attention to detail and a commitment of meeting budget and time constraints.

PROVAN & LORBER, INC. has been providing creative engineering solutions to public and private schools throughout northern New England since 1984. We bring our substantial project planning, site planning, design, permit acquisition and construction observation expertise to help schools accomplish their goals. Through our years of experience, we have come to understand the issues and challenges facing educational facilities, including: tight budgets, limited construction time frames, and child health and safety.

We understand your concerns and will work with you early in the planning process to define the specific needs and constraints surrounding your project. Our firm has substantial management expertise in providing project team coordination and directing presentations before the client, boards, and other interested parties. PROVAN & LORBER goes beyond the "cookie- cutter" engineer stereotype to aid clients in securing project financing, developing strategic plans, developing a proforma, preparing marketing plans, selecting a project delivery system, and many other tasks. We strive to be your partner, not simply your engineer. With this philosophy, our level of performance in helping you achieve your goals is increased. Our planning process and expertise can save you time and money if you retain our firm in the concept stage of your project.

We help administrators in the early planning of a project-- enrollment projections and facility sizing, evaluating costs and alternatives for a suitable site location, and formulating a project time schedule and cost estimates. This early planning will provide a firm foundation of price, design and schedule for your project -- a foundation that architects and contractors can build upon.

Our professional staff of civil, environmental and structural engineers can address the myriad of problems that arise in the ordinary maintenance and upkeep of a large building. Leaking roof structures, aging underground storage tanks, failing septic systems, inadequate drainage systems -- these can all have far reaching consequences if not resolved quickly and correctly. We will work with you to promptly find a responsible and cost-effective solution.

Regulations have recently been enacted for Underground Storage Tanks and many schools will have to replace their tanks by December 22, 1998. For details on these new State regulations and how they may affect your school, log on to the Department of Environmental Services site at http://www.state.nh.us/des/orcb/gpbguide.htm. We would be happy to answer your questions or assist you with compliance.

More Information on our Engineering Solutions

Project planning services
Site design
Underground storage tanks
Water systems
Wastewater systems
Roadways and parking lots
Construction administration
Construction observation
Land surveying

Sample Project Portfolio:

Bow High School - A new, 90,000 sf high school building on a 74-acre parcel, with tennis courts, running track, and athletic fields, serving 600 students.
Whitefield and Lancaster Elementary Schools - Two new school buildings serving area students in the White Mountain Regional School District.
Franklin Pierce Law Center - A private college that required a 13,000 sf addition to accomodate a new library, technological upgrades, and a modern kitchen.
Armand Dupont School - A middle school serving 280 students had developed water infiltration problems in the basement level.

Text-based Table of Contents

Preparing a Vision of Your Project | Developing a Marketing Plan | Developing a Proforma
Sources of Project Financing | Project Phases | Wetland Delineation and Summary Report
Environmental Site Assessments | Permit Acquisition Process
Project Delivery Systems | Data Checklist

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