Site Development

Preparing a Vision for Your Project
Developing a Marketing Plan
Developing a Proforma

Sources of Project Financing
Project Phases

Wetland Delineation & Summary Report
Environmental Site Assessments

Permit Acquisition Process
Project Delivery Systems

Data Checklist 

Data Checklist

___ Local Zoning Regulations
  • Determine Zone and Zone Boundaries. Obtain Zoning Map
  • Buildable Area Requirements
  • Parking
  • Set back
  • Frontage

___ Local Subdivision Regulations

___ Local Water Department Regulations and Area Utility Mapping, including Proposed Utility Improvements

___ Site Review Regulations

___ Local Sewer Disposal Regulations and Area Utility Mapping, including Proposed Utility Improvements

___ Local Street Map

___ Local Wetland Ordinances, if any

___ Obtain copy of Local Conservation Commission Map

___ Obtain Area Mapping from Power, Gas, Telephone, Cable TV Utilities

___ Tax Map of Project Area

___ Local Master Flan Report

___ Current City/Town Report

___ Names of Local Officials that would be involved in approving the project

___ USGS Topographic Map

___ Soil Conservation Service Soil Map and Report

___ Project Site Property Boundary Map, if any

___ Property Deed

___ Site Information from Registry

___ Obtain name of the Current Property Owner

___ Obtain name of Real Estate Broker and other contacts involved in the project

___ Project Site Topographic Map, if any

___ Special Site Features that client/we wish to preserve

___ Recorded Test Pits and Other Soils Data, if any

___ Flood Elevation Data from Federal Reports. Usually available through Town Offices

___ Past Engineering Reports, Designs, Etc. of Subject Property

___ Ascertain development history of surrounding/adjacent properties and secure copies of available/existing engineering data

___ State Sanitary Survey Data. Available at Town & State offices

___ Available Wetlands Mapping

___ Available High Intensity Soils Mapping

___ Town Planning Board Records pertaining to Subject Property

___ Visit Site and take pictures of Project Site and Surrounding Area

___ Ascertain availability of aerial photography

___ Obtain local historic information from client and contacts he suggests

___ Names of consultants that client desires to utilize on the project

___ Available concept sketches

___ Any available Digitized Project Mapping Data

___ Environmental Assessment Reports/Studies, if any

___ Locations of existing dumps, buried tanks, etc. on the property


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