Water Supply Systems

Provan & Lorber, Inc. provides a variety of water supply engineering, planning, design, and construction services. These services include the design of distribution and treatment systems, booster stations, and storage facilities.

Water Distribution and Storage
Provan & Lorber has designed water mains, distribution systems, and treated water storage facilities for projects throughout New England. These projects serve subdivisions, municipalities, and commercial sites. Additional components include the design of booster pumping stations with associated instrumentation.

Water Treatment
The U.S. EPA Safe Drinking Water Act required many water suppliers to provide new water sources or provide filtration and treatment systems. Provan & Lorber has provided services to approximately 35% of the 70 New Hampshire communities required to meet these standards. Our assistance has resulted in water supplies that meet or exceed quality standards through cost-efficient solutions.

Study and design services by Provan & Lorber, Inc. include:

• Water Studies - demand projections, development of surface and groundwater sources, investigations of water supply characteristics, and yield.

• System Evaluations - interpretation of mapping and hydrogeologic data, field testing, pressure and flow testing, hydraulic analysis, computer modeling, and cost-effectiveness of alternative systems.

• Treatment System Design - flocculation, filtration, chemical addition, chlorination facilities, and radon removal.

• Source Development - investigation and installation of gravel and bedrock wells.

Wastewater Systems

Provan & Lorber provides a variety of wastewater engineering, planning, design, and construction services. These services include: collection and treatment system designs, drainage and storm sewer studies and design, and sewerage pumping stations design.

Wastewater Collection
Provan & Lorber has designed sewerage collection and transmission systems for projects throughout New England. These facilities service subdivisions, municipalities, and commercial sites. Additional components include the design of raw sewerage pump stations, instrumentation, and force mains.

Wastewater Treatment
Improvements to wastewater systems include design of headworks facilities such as screens, grit removal, and septage receiving wet wells, package treatment plants, aerated lagoon systems, advanced treatment, activated sludge systems, sludge digestion and dewatering facilities, chlorination systems, pumping systems and raw sewerage pumping stations and various support facilities. We have substantial experience in the planning and design of treatment systems serving large communities.

Provan & Lorber has evaluated many existing, large subsurface disposal systems and the design of new facilities to serve large housing and condominium complexes. Subsurface systems have also been designed for industrial parks/complexes.

Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment
Provan & Lorber has experience in industrial wastewater treatment facilities employing biological, aeration, filtration, and chemical treatments. These include recycling systems for water conservation and compliance to meet stringent stream discharge standards. Our staff has been actively involved in the planning, design, and construction of sludge dewatering and disposal systems - many incorporating innovative methodologies - and have experience in sludge composting facilities design.

Provan & Lorber has completed a facility plan which evaluated a package-activated sludge process, as well as aerated lagoons and other options. Our firm also planned the improvements to pretreat wastes from a large latex manufacturing facility.

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