Structural Engineering Services

Provan & Lorber, Inc. provides structural engineering design to complement the planning and engineering services offered by the firm. We have served clients through the design and evaluation of buildings, foundations, retaining walls, bridges and specialty structures. We provide the following structural services in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine:

• Structural Design Services for Architects in Concrete Steel, Masonry, Timber
• Structural Condition Evaluations and Reports
• Feasibility Studies
• Failure Investigations
• Retaining Wall Design
• Historic Structure Evaluations and Renovations - Buildings and Bridges
• Bridge Inspections and Reports
• Bridge Maintenance Priority Programs
• Bridge Design
• Residential Inspections
• Pollution Abatement Facilities
• Falsework/Form/Cofferdam Design
• Dam Design
• Specialty Foundations and Structures for Industry
• Structural Analysis and Design Services for Contractors and Builders
• Foundation Design for Pre-Engineered Buildings
• Specialty Foundations and Structures for the Health Care Profession
• Third Party (Peer) Reviews
• Soils Investigations
• Building Scheme/Cost Analyses and Studies
• Rehabilitation/Restoration Investigations and Studies
• Building Code Compliance Analyses
• Construction Observation Services for Buildings and Bridges

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