Environmental Engineering Services

In the 1960's and 1970's, Federal and State environmental legislation and regulation had significant impacts on larger, manufacturing industries. In response, manufacturers increased staff, became proficient in regulatory compliance, but retained consultants for specialized services.

In the 1980's, Federal and State legislation placed additional demands on smaller manufacturing firms, commercial enterprises, and service industries. The consequence is a sometime contradictory, often overlapping system of environmental laws and regulations which may require full-time monitoring. Provan & Lorber's environmental services are designed to address these demands.

Environmental Site Assessments
Provan & Lorber, Inc. provides site assessments for commercial/industrial properties and for undeveloped land subject to real estate transfer. Our clients include private firms, individuals, financial institutions, title guarantee firms, and realtors.

Environmental site assessments address factors related to hazardous waste activity and contamination of soils and groundwater. These are classified as Level I or Level II, depending on the required degree of investigation.

Level I assessments include a record of site use/ownership. We review historical site use information such as deeds, tax records, town historical records, client information, etc. We also review State files for hazardous waste activity and perform a walk-through inspection of the site with visual survey for any indication of contamination/pollution. A report is prepared summarizing the investigation results. Level I investigations are most applicable to undeveloped land and certain developed property.

Level II assessments provide the historical site use, State file review, and site visit, and include sampling and analysis of suspected waste materials, soils, and groundwater. Test pit excavations/soils borings are required to investigate soils and assess the water table. The Level II summary report presents investigation results and the laboratory/field test results. Level II investigations are typically required for service stations, auto garages, bulk fuel storage facilities, industrial facilities, and commercial sites.

Underground Storage Tanks
Provan & Lorber provides a complete range of management and engineering services for the owners and operators of underground storage tanks and for other sites with petroleum product discharges. These services enable us to assist commercial, industrial, and municipal owners in complying with current state and federal regulations. We can provide:

• Facility compliance inspection
• Regulatory review and permit assistance
• Site assessments for environmental impacts
• Subsurface investigations and risk characterization
• Groundwater sampling and testing (utilizing certified laboratories)
• Coordination of tank tightness testing
• Coordination of tank removal/replacement
• Design engineering of alternative containment systems
• Periodic inspections for compliance
• Petroleum Reimbursement Fund applications
• Site remediation

Oil Spill Prevention Plans
Provan & Lorber has prepared numerous Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans for bulk oil storage facilities. These plans review and make warranted recommendations to ensure potential oil spillage will not reach surface water courses.

Provan & Lorber provides site development and restoration for existing industrial sites that are either environmentally impacted or defunct. These sites are called "brownfields." Some sites require the characterization and remediation of hazardous wastes, combined with structural evaluations and civil engineering design. Incentive programs are being developed by the U.S. EPA and the N.H. Dept. of Environmental Services to restore these sites which, in turn, will help preserve undeveloped pristine land.

In July 1996, NH RSA 147-F established a program to encourage cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated sites. These "brownfield" sites are underutilized or abandoned and, due to environmental contamination, are undesirable to potential developers. 

Under the Brownfields program the NH Dept. of Environmental Services, NH Dept. of Justice, and owners work together to address environmental concerns and obtain a Covenant Not to Sue, with a letter of Completion of Cleanup.

The program is designed to eliminate the owner's future liability with the site while still providing for cleanup and development.

The program is eligible to any person who did not cause the contamination such as prospective buyers, creditors, or municipalities owed real estate taxes. Most properties with hazardous waste, hazardous materials, or oil contamination are eligible.

The U.S. EPA is currently offering pilot incentive programs and grants to fund such Brownfields projects.

Hydrogeological Services
Our wide range of hydrogeological services are provided for environmental restoration and groundwater supply investigations. These services and project types include:

• Public and private water supply source evaluations - bedrock/overburden sources, cisterns, and springs.
• Well head protection programs.
• Groundwater flow modeling.
• Infiltration galleries.
• Discharge permitting.
• Environmental remedial action plans - gasoline service stations,
petroleum storage tanks (above and below ground), manufacturing industrial facilities, dry cleaners, tanners, and foundries.
• Landfill evaluations.
• Post-closure groundwater monitoring programs.

We employ a state-of-the-art investigative approach that combines intrusive (borings/wells) and nonintrusive (geophysical) techniques. Provan & Lorber stresses a cost-benefit approach to serve the client's project needs.

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