the client comes first
Putting the client first has enabled Provan & Lorber to develop a synergy with architects, developers, municipalities, government agencies, schools, financial institutions, hospitals, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, resorts and recreational areas throughout New England. Through experience these clients know Provan and Lorber doesn’t merely complete the project but also builds long-term relationships for future collaborations.
innovative solutions
Thinking innovatively on project design and strategies is why Provan & Lorber is considered by its many longtime clients, a service organization, not merely a design firm. A frequent example of this is the aggressive planning and permitting strategies we pursue to save time and money. Overall, our creative energies focus consistently on quality, service and a fair price.
working as a team
Provan & Lorber’s team concept involves active client participation, effecting clear communications and continued client satisfaction long after the project is completed.

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