"It's your business and the bottom line is revenue generation. It's our business to facilitate project design, permitting and construction without sacrificing quality of work, cost-efficiency and time frames ... to get you into business or back in business."

You want more than good engineering. You want experience, innovative solutions, someone watching your budget. You may want a company that communicates, is a team player and a trusted partner. Choosing Provan & Lorber is the first step in accomplishing these goals.

To achieve faster approvals, we have fostered positive relationships over the years with local, state and federal officials, seeking their candid input early in the project, then tying their recommendations to our design process to hasten design approval, allowing construction to begin ... saving time and money.

Be assured that you project will be what you wanted, what you needed - no more, no less. Provan & Lorber sets a number of points in construction where we look at project costs, to keep the job on track and eliminate overdesign. It's common-sense engineering. There's no reason to pay for what you don't need. Conversely, it doesn't make sense to cut costs for essentials, to improve a bottom line. You pay for that later.

Our commitment is service and a product for which we all can be proud. We stand by our work and seek total satisfaction for every client we serve.

• Outlets/Shopping Malls
• Strip Malls
• Hotels and Motels
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Parking Garages
• Warehouses
• Distribution Facilities
• Convenience Stores
• Office Buildings
• Restaurants
• Petroleum Fuel Facilities
• Athletic Facilities
• Office/Industrial Parks

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