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Moving your industry to New Hampshire? Expanding Your Facility? Developing a housing or Health care project? We invite you to visit our Site Development Information Center. Important steps and tips to help you plan your project are included for your use.

If you are seeking ways to decrease the time to obtain your site permits, just click on the Permit Acquisition Process and we will share with you some of the procedures and secrets we use. Should you desire to know more, please visit About Our Firm, What's New, or call or email us. And if you want to learn more about what's going on in the industry, visit our Online Resource Center.

Schools are under considerable pressure to meet the expectations of their communities with limited budgets and growing needs. The pressures are many, but can be summed up with one statement, "do more with less". In this environment, it becomes important for schools to have a plan, similar to that of any business. In addition to our engineering services, Provan & Lorber, Inc. offers assistance in
schoolhousepreparing a Strategic Growth Plan (SGP). An SGP helps schools to realize significant savings in time and money prior to undertaking a project. For more information on the services we provide, please select the school icon on the right.

Acute care hospitals are re-engineering themselves by reducing the number of beds and adding day-surgery facilities, on campus medical offices buildings, and other short term services. This market shift is significantly increasing the needs for additional parking and other related site improvements. Our firm provides site planning services to hospitals to address this need. We invite you to click on the contact information icon to request more information.

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