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Provan & Lorber Inc. provides planning and engineering services. Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality service in response to your project needs. We emphasize integrated problem solving through state-of-the-art technical and management techniques.

PROVAN & LORBER, INC. offers services in planning, civil, structural, and environmental engineering, land surveying, and construction management. Studies, designs, and presentations are provided in three outlined industries.

Consult us at: provan-lorber.com

It's your business and the bottom line is revenue generation. It's our business to facilitate project design, permitting and construction without sacrificing quality of work, cost-efficiency and time frames ... to get you into business or back in business.
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Municipalities have a responsibility to the public and we are there to assist in that responsibility ... in whatever manner that may take.
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Look for an engineering firm immersed in the healthcare industry - one that knows the trends, understands the strategic investments of hospitals and long-term care facilities, monitors the market, and has the broadest experience in healthcare - and only one engineering firm will make the list ... Provan & Lorber.
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