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Land surveying forms the basis for many planning and engineering projects. It is often the essential starting point and an integral step in project development.

Land surveying is done to locate existing boundaries, to establish new boundaries of a parcel of land, to prepare topographic plans for planning and design of engineering projects, and to lay out the control points for construction. Typical surveys provided by our staff include:

    Boundary Surveys

      To locate property boundaries, show the area enclosed, and make a permanent record of the boundaries. Includes marking the boundaries on the ground and making a survey map for the owner's use.

    Control Surveys

      To show the relative location of distant points, usually for mapping of larger areas and for orientation of aerial photographs.

    Subdivision Surveys

      For development of site plans. This may show property boundaries, ground slopes, and existing man-made features such as buildings and roads and sewer and water supplies, to help plan for construction of additional buildings and utilities.

    Topographic Surveys

      Shows ground surface slopes by contour lines or spot elevations. This may be included on a site plan or boundary survey to satisfy the requirements of zoning or subdivision laws, or to plan for roads or septic systems.

    Construction Layout

      To guide construction of larger buildings, roads, and utility lines and pipes.

    Quantity Surveys

      To establish cut & fill quantities for gravel pits, borrow pits, and roads.

    Easement and Right-of-Way Surveys

      To establish limits of property use and guide construction of utilities, access roads, and roadway improvements.

PROVAN & LORBER, INC. maintains state-of-the-art electronic field survey equipment for all field functions, calculations, and plotting. All field surveys are performed using a total station with data collector. All Plans are prepared on a computer using Softdesk v. 12 software. PROVAN & LORBER, INC. can provide survey plans on electronic media in .DXF or .DWG format. The firm has access to and utilizes GPS equipment for large control surveys.

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