Statement of Values
  Statement of Values
Over the last ten years we have developed a set of values by which we have governed our business activities. We believe that each PROVAN & LORBER, INC. employee must understand what the organization stands for -- our beliefs and values -- if we are to grow and prosper together. These beliefs and values describe our culture -- who we are and how we differ from our competition. They are:
Honesty, integrity and professionalism are fundamental to the performance of our work and in our relationships with our clients, vendors, review agencies and each other.

Teamwork (working in cooperation and in support of one another) is vital to our corporate and individual success. We are striving to instill a sense of oneness and pride of one's work in the firm; that each person's contributions are important and that we cannot exist and efficiently function without the other.

Profitability is important, but we want to make a profit by only undertaking projects that contribute to the health, safety and well-being of the public we serve.

Our aim is to provide our clients with quality, full value service. We strive to do this by improving the various processes used in the manner in which we work. Through dedication to quality improvement, we aspire to create long-term relationships with our clients.

We are striving to achieve a participatory decision-making management culture supported by open, frequent communications. We encourage informed decision-making at all levels in the organization. Leadership among our staff is encouraged. In this regard, we endeavor to grant authority and responsibility to individuals, and teams of individuals, to achieve the goals of the firm.

Our aim is to continue the development of an office environment where each staff member is encouraged to ask questions and is not afraid to express new ideas.

We are striving to provide training opportunities for each of us to improve our technical, management and other skills. It is our desire to see each staff member grow in his or her career.

We believe that promoting continuing education is important to the self-improvement and well-roundedness of each staff member. Each of us must be encouraged to acquire new knowledge to live and grow in this ever changing world.

Being a good corporate citizen in the communities where we live and work is important to us. It is for this reason that we encourage staff involvement in civic and professional organizations and make financial contributions.

The well-being of our environment is very important to us. We strive to reduce environmental impacts when performing our engineering activities.

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