Provan & Lorber, Inc. utilizes state of the art technologies, innovative design and techniques, broad-minded and progressive strategies, and knowledgeable staff. This gives us the capabilities to provide our clients with quality service at a fair price.

Time Savers
Our Permitting Process - knowledge of federal, state and local officials and regulations. We quickly grasp the scope of the project and initiate the permit approval process with governing officials, even before plans are finalized. Bringing the agencies into the process early allows their input and suggestions and helps "gel" the final design quickly, resulting in fast approvals.

Data Collector - with WildSoft survey software which downloads directly into AutoCAD for quick and accurate mapping.

Local Staff - with 4 offices in New Hampshire and Vermont, staff are generally within an hour of any site.
State of the art communications equipment - we are accessible by phone, fax, computer modem, or E-mail for quick response to your needs.

Money Savers
Diverse In-House Capabilities - Limited use of subcontractors required to perform preliminary work which would require cost mark-up for outside services. However, if sucontractors are needed, we can recommend reputable local subcontractors who can best accomplish the task at a reasonable cost.

Thorough Evaluations of All Options - Our staff have experience in a wide range of both standard and innovative engineering techniques and products and can find the best option to suit the client' s needs and budget. We routinely screen a variety of improvement options to solve a particular problem with the objective of ascertaining which option offers the apparent lowest capital and operation costs while meeting our clients' specific needs.

Quality Assurance

Computer Capabilities - Computer modeling software allows us to play out various scenarios so the best design can be seen before the final design is made.

Experienced and Well-Trained Staff - Staff are continually updating their skills with refresher courses and current certifications. The large number of staff available also allows for cross-checking and verification of designs in-house for accuracy and quality.

Staff Experience

Staff have been previously employed by government agencies, owned their own businesses, worked for major manufacturers, contractors, etc.... They have brought with them a deep understanding of all the facets of project management


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